Become a Chapter

“The Penguin Project is really social change masquerading as theatre. We see children changing  inside.”

What You Need:

  • A home.  This is the theater or space where your production will take place.
  • Rehearsal space.  The Penguin Project is a 4-month process so rehearsal space is critical.  Rehearsals typically occur 1-2 times per week initially, increasing up to 4 times per week.
  • A program director. This is the person in charge of organizing all aspects of the program.
  • A production director and production staff.  This should include a music director, choreographer, mentor coordinator, and production coordinator.  
  • A technical director and a technical staff.  The technical staff is responsible for all the behind-the-scenes activities that bring the show to life on stage. 

Our Commitment:  What the Penguin Project Foundation will provide you.

  • The Penguin Project name and reputation. You have full access to our trademarked name and logo, and to all instructional materials that we have found to be successful in presenting theatrical material to individuals with disabilities.
  • A consultant with a unique skill set and extensive experience in theatrical programming for children with disabilities.  Although many potential sites have considerable experience with theatrical productions, very few have experience with children with disabilities.  Our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Andrew Morgan, has both a medical/developmental background and theatrical experience to help shape your program to optimize the experience for these very special actors and actresses.
  • Use of our Penguin Project Handbook. The Handbook includes detailed suggestions regarding organizational infrastructure, participant interactions, organization of rehearsals, and teaching techniques that will enhance your ability to engage your participants appropriately and effectively.  
  • A series of site visits by Dr. Morgan and other representatives of The Foundation over the first year, individually tailored to meet the needs of your replication site. These visits are designed to help you put your infrastructure in place and to help guide the interactions between participants, families, and staff to meet the goals of the program.
  • Ongoing use of all our production materials from previous productions every year including staging, music, choreography, set design, and technical support
  • Ongoing consultation, support, and advice every year from Dr. Morgan and the Foundation staff by e-mails and telephone.
  • Ongoing use of public relations and publicity materials every year.
  • You maintain full creative control of your production.  The Foundation’s role is to assist in creating a supportive atmosphere where the interactions of the participants, parents, and staff meet the goals of the program.
  • The Penguin Project network. As a Penguin Project replication site, you become part of a growing network of theatre programs for children with disabilities. You will have access to other sites to share ideas about public relations, marketing, fundraising, production, etc.

Click here and request information on how to bring the Penguin Project to your theatre.